Friday, 14 June 2019

Ruma Rua BIG BUDDY Reading with Ruma whetu

Karlos and Eli

Room 2 love visiting their Buddy Class

 to read to them, 

be read to and to share their learning.

Veer and Monroe

Ruma Rua a Ruma Whetu

Buddy Reading

Treydon and Awa

Surge and Larz

Kayne and Vann

Ella-Jay, Stephaniie and Quade

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Camp Kaitawa - Year 6

The students had to build a raft using these plastic drums  and then row/paddle as a cooperative team.

The bravest student who walked the track to Waikareiti with a very bruised foot.

                                                Imagine if this was our                                                              everyday toilet. Some of us                                                        can  remember them from our

Waikareiti at last! An excellent place to have a snack.

                   The Power Station was huge. We heard all about where our power comes from and even
saw the ONE set of powerlines that carries our power to Gisborne.
A pet spider (well that is what I told the students amongst their screams)
Skits to entertain us all.

The Power Station outlet.

Camp Kaitawa 2019 - Year 6

Finally the day has come - the 2 hour hike and we were on the track to Lake Waikareiti. We arrived and changed into our togs and went swimming. This is the rock we swam to. We all had FUN!

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Our view for the day. Guess where we are!

Rooms 1 and 2 at the end of a funfilled day with the Surf Lifesaving staff at Midway and Raglan Surf Clubs. 

                              We learnt about:                                 

Sun safety
Life Guards role
Boogie Boarding
Swimming between the flags
Assessing safety in the water
Beach Flag races
Midnight (game)

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The Munchies in Room 2

        Room 2 enjoying the FRESH crunchy apples.
 Alesana and Ana said "Yay they are crunchy"

                              Barbara loved the freshness of our apples
                              from Burnside Trust.
Room 2 - Awapuni School
Apple mania!

Apples for Kids - Thank you Burnside Trust, David Ladd and Matt Gomm for your generosity and organising the delivery of these delicious juicy red apples to Awapuni School. We all loved their crunchy, munchy sounds as we ate them!