Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Flag bearer at the Olympic Games

The big question is who will be the flag bearer for each country at the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympic Games 2012?
It is a great honour for one of the team to be chosen to be the flag bearer.
The last 2 flagbearers for NZ have been...

Who will be the New Zealand team flag bearer this time?

The Pine Trees

All the kids at Awapuni School love to play in the pine tress. 
They call it the "forest'.
Room 2 have written a personal recount about playing there. 
Click on their link on the side bars to read their stories about 
playing creatively in the "forest".

Sunday, 22 July 2012

geoGreeting from Mrs T

I have made a geoGreeting for you.
Go here to see it.

Numbers & the Olympic Games

Who will win medals at the London Olympics?

Who will be standing on the podium receiving the medals?
Find out about our New Zealand medal prospects.
Go to this newspaper site and read about them here.

Sporting e-books

What do you think makes a sports hero?
Who is your sporting hero?
Which sporting heroes have contributed to our community?

The pictures are links to the e-books on the Oxford Owl website 
Enjoy them!

Olympic Dreams e-book

Here is an e-book called Olympic Dreams by Claire Llewellyn
Read and listen to Olympic Dream

Wenlock and Mandeville - London 2012 Mascots

Friday, 20 July 2012

Term 2 Senior Syndicate Shield winners

Congratulations to these people
for being the 
Senior Syndicate Student of the Week
in term 2

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

One Minute Olympics

Today we started our statistical investigation.
We have to answer the question..."How fit am I?"
We put our results into a Google Doc Form
Here are the results...

Monday, 9 July 2012

Red Sock Day

Awapuni school love caring for our coast.
We all went to the beach where we run our Beach Races 
and cleaned up.
Tau ke te mahi! 

Heipipi Park

We went to Heipipi Park.
We know the person who carved this magnificent waka prow.
I am looking forward to Room 2 telling us more about the 
carving and the carver. 

Term 2 Museum trip

Room 2 went to the Museum.
We learnt more about the Transit of Venus.
We used "starpeekers" made form coconuts.
We had read about starpeekers during the term
 and wondered how they were used. 
We also wanted to know how they were made.
That's why we cut a coconut open one day but ended up eating it

Mathlete of the Week

Just checked the results and here they are...
Week 10 / Term 2: Karsen with 5438 points
Week 1 of the holidays: Karsen with 1289 points.

Karsen - you are really going well. 
Tell us how you are getting so many points.