Tuesday, 21 August 2012

R2 Mini Indoor Olympic Games

The day arrived! 
In our teams we were trained and pumped for the games.
We had an opening ceremony and then reminded ourselves of the 
Olympic Values and were ready for battle.
We competed in 5 events...
1. Balloon Volleyball
2. Arm Wrestling
3. Frog Flips
4. Air Soccer
5. Grand Relay
Medals were awarded at the conclusion of the games.
Congratulations to the Gold medalists...New Zealand

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Healthy Eating Infographics

After keeping a food diary and talking about 
"Eating Like a Champ", 
we are creating our own info graphic in Thinglink.
Check our student blogs and look at their Infographic to see how healthy they are.
Here is Mrs T's Infographic.
Roll your mouse over the image and find the hotspots to tell you what she does each day.

Gold for Valerie

Wahoo! We were so pleased about this news.
We had our own victory ceremony for Valerie this morning.
We had her photo on the whiteboard, we sang the National Anthem and we raised the flag in her honor.
Can't wait to see a photo of her with the Gold medal.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

We have 100 medals!

Overnight we won more medals and that makes a grand total of 100!
Will we get any more?
Who is left on our top 10 list that might get a medal?
Not many days left now till the games end. 
The closing ceremony is Monday morning (our time).
Then we will look at our predictions and see how close we were.
Room 2 have their prediction in a Prezi presentation on their blog

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Training regime in Room 2

As we study the food pyramid and junk food bandits we know that to be a highly tuned athlete we need to eat well.
Our training for our Mini Indoor Olympics next week has 3 components...
1. physical fitness
2. eating well
3. preparing ourselves mentally.

1. Everday we are running a long course around our school grounds as preparation for our Beach Races at the end of the month. That is part of ourphysical training.

2. We are examining our daily diet to check tha twe are eating healhtily

3. And we are examining the Olympic values to check ourselves for mental prepapredness.

Check back later for the events that will be included in our Mini Indoor Olympics.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Eat Like a Champ

What do you know about healthy eating? 
This week we are going to find out more about the food pyramid. 
Room 2 kids are going to keep a food diary and then present their daily diet as an info graphic. 
Look at the infographics of how athletes eat titled

Pyramid Power v Junk Food Bandits: Part 1

The big match between team Pyramid Power against the Junk Food Bandits Part 1 of 4.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Gisborne's Olympian

One of NZ's Olympians this year is from Gisborne.
I wonder who he is?
Hint 1: he works at the Olympic Pools in Gisborne
Hint 2: year 6's met him in 2011 when he took us for a water activity in the big pool at the Olympic Pools
Hint 3: he used to go to Awapuni School
Hint 4: his sport is on water
Hint 5: he does not move backwards on water in his sport
Hint 6: he does not have sails on his water craft

Can your group work out who he is?

NZ is on the Medal Table

Yahoo!  We have won a medal!
What medal did we win?
What event was it in?
What is so remarkable about this win?

Fastest Man on Earth

Who is it?
Who will win Gold at London 2012?

Look at this Infographic here and make your decision