Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wordless Wednesday

What can we photograph on Wednesday that needs no words to explain it?
Take a look at what other people have found last Wednesday here.

It might be like a tourist's album like this one here.

Or it might be about something in your world like this one here.

Or it might be something that you have seen/made/cooked/painted like this one here.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

R2 Karakia

Every morning Room 2 say karakia (prayer). 
 Watch our video. 
 The words in Maori and English are here for you to read as well.
What do you do to start your school day?

Karakia Tïmatanga
Whakataka te hau ki te uru.
Whakataka te hau ki te tonga.
Kia mäkinakina ki uta.
Kia mätaratara ki tai.
E hï ake ana te atakura.
He tio, he huka, he hau hü.
Tihei mauriora.

Prayer for start of day/meeting
Cease the winds from the west.
Cease the winds from the south.
Let the breeze blow over the land.
Let the breeze blow over the ocean.
Let the red-tipped dawn come with a sharpened air.
A touch of frost, a promise of glorious day.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My first Glog

Tourist Attractions in Gisborne

Room 2 have new posts about tourists attractions around Gisborne.
This is for our USA & UK Quadblogging buddies to find out more about where we live.
We look forward to reading their comments and answering any questions they have for us.

The tourist attraction I would like to write about is the Tolaga Bay wharf.

I was brought up in Tolaga Bay and still love going there.
Tolaga Bay is 50 kms north of Gisborne.

The wharf was the centre of attraction at this year's Transit of Venus celebrations.
The wharf is the longest pier in the southern hemisphere.
When I was a kid we used to have bike races along it.
Green-lipped mussels grow on the piles and they are easy to gather and delicious to eat.

There is a walkway to Cook's Cove.
When walking to Cook's Cove you get a really good view of the wharf and Tolaga Bay form the top of the hills.
Captain Cook voyaged to NZ in 1769 and when he returned to England and told them about the beautiful land here, it was seen as a great place to migrate to. People started to come to NZ in the 1800's and settled here. Lots of us have an english heritage.