Friday, 8 March 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow, Room 2?

What a lovely, lovely end to our exciting, adventurous, amazing Adventure Week! Today we did some gardening with Mr. Whitehead and tasted some yummy figs from Levi's garden...!

Mr. Whitehead brought in some dried marigolds and showed us all the seeds inside the flower pod. We got to grab one each and plant them in some soil. We now need to water our marigold seeds twice a day and Mr. Whitehead tells us that in 7-10 days they will start to sprout. Miss G hope that we will then get to share our space in Room 2 with some nature...

"Thank You"

Mr. Whitehead 
and Kylie and Levi for sharing your amazing produce with us! 








Miss G has put all our photos from Adventure Week in the Room 2 space on the Awapuni Website | here

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