Thursday, 14 March 2013

Art & Play

Miss G was so happy with us today to see us use the skills and relationships that we learned and created during Adventure Week to organise and play a game this afternoon...

While some of us finished off our Pablo Picasso self-portraits under the trees, the rest of us played 'Tails' on the hockey field. Miss G allowed us to organise the equipment, the layout of the field for the game, and encouraged us to play fairly and let everyone have turn of each role in the game. This allowed Miss G to make sure the rest of us were on-task and were able to finish our art-work efficiently (which today we learned means, 'quickly, quietly, and quality'!). 

After Miss G made sure that those who were finishing their art were well under-way to finish, she turned her attention to the rest of us on the hockey field. We impressed her with our encouraging attitudes, fair play, firm rules, and all-round inclusivity. Everyone was happily involved in the game and Miss G didn't need to change a thing! 

It is really lovely for Miss G to see that we are listening and learning and evolving into super senior students...! 






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