Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Getting our hands dirty!

In Room 2 we understand not only the importance of caring for our environment, but to also have a balance with putting pen-to-paper, fingers-to-keyboard, paintbrush-to-canvas, and hands-to-earth!

We have had a busy week this week; learning to re-craft our writing, spending time publishing, reflecting, and learning about the origins of ourself and our whanau through our mihimihi and art. So it was a really lovely change for us to be able to get out of the class for the afternoon and get our hands dirty...

We have been looking after our seedlings in class and Mr Whitehead came in with some new seedlings this afternoon, too, which we all worked together to plant in the Awapuni School garden. When we weren't working with our partner to plant our seedlings, we were exploring the school garden and enjoyed spending some time connecting with our school environment.

Mr Whitehead says that we worked really hard and did an "amazing job" - he looks forward to coming back to plant the rest of the seedlings with us next week. Thank you, Mr Whitehead!