Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Eastwood Hill Visit

Room 2 joined the Senior Syndicate in visiting Eastwood Hill on Monday!

We got to explore the shapes and vein structures of leaves, we learned about the history of Eastwood Hill and took away some very interesting facts, and we also got to do some orienteering and tried to find all the 'Stars of the Park' (different trees).

Miss G had a lovely day, too, and it was all thanks to Room 2 following our Class Treaty right throughout the day - we were respectful, we made good choices, and we certainly tried our best! What a great day...

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That's a 'One' ???

In Room 2, we have been using deci-pipes to understand the relationship between tenths, hundredths, and a whole! We are all starting to understanding why a hundredth is called a 'hundredth' (because 100 fit into a whole!) and the same with tenths.

We have been using the deci-pipes to measure objects around Room 2 and the school, and have been learning to record our thinking in fractions. We are even challenging ourselves by estimating the measurement of objects as a fraction before finding out the exact measurement with the deci-pipes!

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Museum Visit!

Room 2 went to the museum this week to learn a little about Tuataras (New Zealand native reptile), which connected really well with what we have been learning about conservation and endangered and threatened species ~ the Tuatara is threatened...

We also got to create a piece of art of a camouflaged Tuatara! Fun :-)

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Friday, 6 September 2013

Miss G can have a break... ("Thanks, Beth!")

We have been studying endangered species in Room 2 and Bethany created her very own Reading Olympics around Flatback Sea Turtles, which she shared with the class today! She oranised us into co-operative groups and was very clear in giving instructions and creating expectations.

Miss G was really proud of us all for not only trying our best, but also being respectful to Beth and helping make the experience fun, motivating, and easy to manage! Well done, guys.

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55 Feathers slide-show...

Check out our slide-show from our creative reading and art activity with the book, "Fifty-Five Feathers"...

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

55 Feathers fun!

Today we got the opportunity to spend some time learning with our friends in Room 6 and Room 14. We read the story, "Fifty-Five Feathers" by Ben Brown & Helen Taylor and then worked in our co-operative groups to create a feathered cloak for Gecko.

Room 6 helped us get started and Room 14 helped us finalise the last details for our final fashion show!

Miss G said that we were fantastic role models and she was so impressed with all the creative ideas and experimentation that went on in the class...! Thank you Room 6 and Room 14 for working with us.