Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Reminders for Week Two Term One

Kia Ora,

I hope everyone has had a excellent start to the week. I know that Room 2 has started the week with amazing attitudes toward their learning and towards each other. 

Mr Gilmore enjoyed himself today teaching the lovely Room 2 students. Remember Mr Gilmore will be taking Room 2 every Tuesday as this is my release day. 

1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to bring a pack of biscuits to share after the Powhiri on Thursday afternoon.
2. Hats need to be brought to school and worn whenever playing outside.
3. Togs should be brought everyday. Even if it is not our swimming day as we might get a chance to go if another class has something planned in their swimming time.
4. Pat has started back teaching swimming so it is important we use our amazing listening skills when she is talking.
5. Please bring back your permission slips filled out and signed for adventure week.
6. Last but not least can you please have a hunt around at home for your town library cards as we have our first town library visit on Monday. It would be good if we can all get books out at the town library to take home and read. 

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