Saturday, 8 February 2014

Term One, Week One

Kia ora and Welcome to Room 2, 2014.

Welcome back to all students, families and whanau, 
My name is Anna Wallis and I will be teaching some of the wonderful year 5 and year 6 students this year. I am looking forward to the year ahead in Room 2 as we have many wonderful things planned to enhance our learning in 2014.
Week One, is now done and dusted.
What an excellent start to the year it was, we have been able to work cooperatively in pairs, groups and as a class. This week we focused on our listening and speaking skills whilst working in our co-operative learning groups. In our co-operative learning groups we had to listen to each others ideas and share our own ideas to get tasks done.

Some of the tasks we did in our groups this week were...

*Building the tallest tower only using 20 straws, sellotape , blue tack and 1 piece of paper. 
* Furniture Olympics (this is where the students had to form frozen shapes as a co-operative group)
* Brainstorms around what type of teacher we would like Miss Wallis to be, and a brainstorm about all the things we can do as students to help Miss Wallis be the teacher we want her to be.

We have already began to grown as a classroom community, we all treat each other with kind manners and respect. I am looking forward to the rest of the year in Room 2 and seeing how we further develop as a classroom community of learners. I look forward to meeting all family and wahnau of Room 2 students so please come into Room 2 and introduce yourself or feel free to email me. As I stated in my newsletter at the beginning of the week I believe that the best learning for students occurs when the teacher, student and whanau work together to build a safe learning environment.

Yours truly,
Miss Wallis

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