Sunday, 25 May 2014

Week 3 Term 2

Kia Ora,

Well week 3 is already over and we are now heading into week 4.
Last week was a busy week in Room 2, Monday we had our town library visit, Tuesday we had our snail race, Wednesday I (Miss Wallis) was out on a course, Thursday we had our games afternoon and Friday we had our school book parade and buddy reading with Room 11.We also welcomed Sophie.B into our classroom on Monday, from the moment the bell went on Monday morning she has worked hard. Welcome again Sophie I hope you enjoy your time at Awapuni School.

Week 4 is going to be another busy week in Room 2.
Tuesday we have our school library visit and Friday this week we are going to do a 'create a gadget day' so please keep sending any cleaned recycling you have at home for your child to use to create their gadget. 

Unfortunately I have been seeing a reoccurring pattern of some students not doing their home learning each night. Remember the only way you can get better at anything is through  "practice practice practice"...So please ensure your child is doing home learning or they maybe asked to do it before school or at the beginning of lunchtimes if this continues to be a pattern.

I have spent some time in Room 2 over the weekend sticking up our word math problems that we created on Friday so please come in and see how many you can solve. 

Remember if you have any concerns of would like to contact me about anything, 
My email address is

Here is a short clip about what Room 2 did in Week 3 enjoy.

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