Thursday, 30 June 2016

Jandal Art in Ruma Rua

Jandal Art in Ruma Rua

Bella has represented her whanau in flowers and the sun celebrates Tairawhiti - The first city to see the sun each day.

                           Johntay has used koru to show  his whanau                                        and the moon shines white above the blue ocean

Lucy has shown her family using a hearts and koru on one jandal and has depicted the sun and the sea to show her love of the ocean.
                                   Cazaly has used koru to represent her                                                  whanau and the flag of New Zealand                                                  shows her pride in being a 'KIWI'

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Friendship Soup

Friendship Soup - Room 2 and Room 9


Miss Moore and Miss Hope prepare to serve the hungry students our FRIENDSHIP soup.


The students in Room 2 arrived at school with bags of vegetables to make soup to share with our BUDDIES              in Room 9. Quentin from                                             Life Education joined us and so did many of our Teachers.